January 3rd – “Wednesday evening Service CANCELLED “

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Our normal Wednesday evening Service on January 3rd will be CANCELLED so that everyone can use the extra time for their New Year plans and traveling.  All normal classes including our adult Bible Study, Strong Tower Youth Ministry and Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs will be cancelled.  Please make note of the change in schedule and have a blessed time with family and friends!  Happy New Year!!





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On Sunday January 7th at 11AM, Pastor Marcus will begin a BRAND NEW Sermon Series entitled, “The END of ME.”  This is the time of year when we focus on New Year’s Resolutions – how to improve ME, enhance ME, and advance ME – but we’re going to learn how to come to the END of ME.  It’s only there you will discover that in order for God to increase, ME has to decrease.  We are called to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him.


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On Wednesday January 10th at 7PM, Pastor Marcus will begin a BRAND NEW Teaching Series for ALL men entitled, “Maximized Manhood.”   We will be talking about how manhood equals Christlikeness.  To maximize our potential as men we must be more like Christ in every area of our lives – as husbands, fathers, friends, employees and citizens.  God has a Canaan Land for you.  Let’s go there together!  


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On Wednesday, January 10th at 7PM, Pastor Joni will begin a BRAND NEW Teaching Series for ALL women entitled, “Grace NOT Perfection.”   We will be talking about how as women we need to simplify our life.  It’s time to quit living a depleted, maxed-out, and unfulfilled life and enjoy the bountiful life we are promised in Christ.  We will learn to embrace an intentionally slower rhythm as we allow the grace of God to saturate each and every day.

NEW KID’S CHURCH SERIES – “God the Redeemer”

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On Sunday January 7th at 11AM our Kid’s Church will be starting a new series in the Gospel Project entitled, “God the Redeemer.”   This series will feature the life of Moses – when he was born and called of God, how he led God’s people out of Egypt, and how he was given the 10 Commandments.  You can also download “Lifeway Kid’s” App for FREE (for a limited time) for continued learning at home.


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On Friday, January 5th from 2-6PM, we will be hosting the Blood Mobile for an American Red Cross Blood Drive.  The need is constant and the gratification is instant!  Your donation could potentially help save three lives.  Please consider donating blood and/or platelets TODAY!  See Paula Davis for more information.

January 7th – “NEW BELIEVER’S CLASS!”

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On Sunday January 7th at 10AM, Pastor Jake Angle will begin teaching a 4-week “New Believer’s Class” in the Hospitality Room for anyone who has recently started their walk with the Lord or who wants to move into a deeper relationship with Him.  This class will cover topics such as what just happened, how do I get plugged in, where do I go from here, and MORE!  There is a sign-up sheet on the sound booth wall for interested participants.  See Pastor Jake for more info.


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On Sunday January 7th we are going to begin a 21 day journey of prayer and fasting.  As we consider 2018 being a year of harvest, I’m asking our church family to join me for 21 days as we pray and fast for the salvation of our families, communities, nation and world.  For the first week, we will focus our prayers on those closest to us (family, friends, coworkers).  For week number two we will pray specifically for America (national revival, leadership, salvation).  For week number three we will pray for the world (peace, missionaries abroad, salvation).




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On Saturday January 27th from 12PM to 4PM, we will be participating with several other churches in the Rise Against Hunger event at First Baptist Church in Radford.  We will be filling 10,000 bags with rice, vegetables and nutritional packets for ONLY $.29 each that will feed 10,000 families.  We will need to raise $800 (offering will be taken on January 14th) to help cover the cost and we will need 12-15 volunteers to help fill bags of food.  Please see Rev. Justin Coleman to make a donation or to sign up to work the event.  





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On Sunday January 28th at 4:45PM, we will be having our annual Church Leadership Meeting in our Family Life Center Fellowship Hall.  We will be reviewing our goals and plans for 2018, talking about challenges and/or successes from 2017, and placing any upcoming dates on the church calendar.  If you are a leader of any ministry in our church, PLEASE make plans to attend this very informative and important meeting.